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Uses for AR-systems

Why should ROV's use Augmented Reality (AR)? Lots of reasons! But first and foremost -to reduce operation time. Say you shall locate a burried pipeline; With AR system the pilot will see the pipeline identified by a line on, or below the seabed. Or, if the ROV is to pick up some tool deployed by the crane; The crane hook or item tagged by a transponder will show on the pilots screen, from far away. If the vessel or crane move the item, the tag on the pilots screen will move correspondingly.
Crowded navigation screen / map view
Improved view by use of AR


Target area for items "tagged" on seabed.
"As-built" field layout on pilots screen from the begining.
Always able to "see" the whereabouts of other ROVs operating in the area.


Target area "marked" on the seabed.

pipeline installation

Lay routes marked on seabed (target route and limits).

Forbiden areas, corridors, etc.

ROV's and other moving items

Any moving object with a transponder can be displayed.


Area/volume to be dredged can be displayed on screen for pilot to see where to start, progress, remaining work, etc.

Pipeline survey

Track burried pipelines/cables.
Location of pipelines in low visibility.