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Uses for AR-systems

Why should ROV's use Augmented Reality (AR)? Lots of reasons! But first and foremost -to reduce operation time. Say you shall locate a burried pipeline; With AR system the pilot will see the pipeline identified by a line on, or below the seabed. Or, if the ROV is to pick up some tool deployed by the crane; The crane hook or item tagged by a transponder will show on the pilots screen, from far away. If the vessel or crane move the item, the tag on the pilots screen will move correspondingly.
Crowded navigation screen / map view
Improved view by use of AR

* General

Target area for items "tagged" on seabed.
"As-built" field layout on pilots screen from the begining.
Always able to "see" the whereabouts of other ROVs operating in the area.

* Installation

Target area "marked" on the seabed.

* Pipeline installation

Lay routes marked on seabed (target route and limits).

* Forbiden areas, corridors, etc.

* ROV's and other moving items

Any moving object with a transponder can be displayed.

* Dredging

Area/volume to be dredged can be displayed on screen for pilot to see where to start, progress, remaining work, etc.

* Pipeline survey

Track burried pipelines/cables.
Location of pipelines in low visibility.